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At Blur we work with the best quality and most efficient printing technologies.
Our Kornit machines are  pioneers in operating systems for on-demand, sustainable fashion.



At Blur we focus on suitable sustainable solutions for the fashion industry. That’s why our technologies enable on-demand, sustainable fashion that eliminates over-production and waste. 


We work with Kornit's printing solutions, leaders of the industry in resource efficiency. Our productions consumes 90% less water and emitting 80% less GHG than silk-screen. With our help, your brand can have a real positive impact.


Of course, at Blur we know that producing sustainable fashion shouldn’t be a compromise to obtaining a perfect result. 

Our embroidery and printing technologies ensures the highest quality production possible, that’s why we provide luxury quality finishes. Our productions ensures: durability, high density colors, accurate color gamut and deluxe hand feel on a wide range of textile media.

Image by Aiony Haust


Blur has more than 10 years’ experience working with fashion’s most prominent luxury brands.

That’s why out team of experts are used to providing all the support you might need to make sure our final product is exactly what you had in mind. 


No compromise, you can have it all. Not only do we offer sustainable solutions and personalized project management. Our experienced technicians will handle every step of the printing process to ensure that the products you receiveare always perfect.  


At Blur, we offer sustainable on-demand productions. That’s why we can arrange your roll prints to color only the needed parts of the garment and have them delivered already cut for you. 

With this, not only will you produce more sustainably, but you will optimize the production costs by only printing the patterns onto the fabric and saving you from spending in cutting the fabric before manufacturing.

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