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As a textile embellishment company, we work with the
most efficient systems that focus on sustainability and energy efficiency. Our technologies enable on-demand, sustainable fashion that eliminates over- production and waste. 

One example are our Kornit’s printing solutions equipment that lead the industry in resource efficiency, consuming 90% less water and emitting 80% less GHG than silk- screen. The items we produce have a real positive impact on the planet.


At BLUR, we also started a new chapter within our company to deliver on-demand sustainable fashion solutions to emerging projects. We don’t have MOQ! You can start a production from 2 items or even make 1 single prototype.

That means producing less while also the possibility to have more variety of products for you and your customers and less strain on our planet resources.


At BLUR we work with the best qualities, aiming to produce clothes for circular economy where durability and sustainability are the forefront of any production.

That’s why, all the fabrics we currently have on demand are ethically produced and have:


-Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) 

-Organic Content Standard (OCS) 

-The Organic Content Standard (OCS) 

-Global Recycled Standard (GRS)


In addition to eliminating overstocks, on-demand productions will support saving an estimated 4.3 trillion liters of water annually.

Enough drinking water to hydrate the entire US population for 11 years. 

The technologies we work with strive to eliminate the overproduction of an estimated 1.1 billion apparel items each year, (based on an industry average of 30% overproduction). That’s approximately 1 item for every person living in Europe and North America combined. 

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