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Direct to garment solutions for more efficient and sustainable productions with the highest quality.  We deliver on-demand sustainable fashion solutions to emerging projects.

We don’t have MOQ!

You can start a printing production from 1 item to as many as you want.

Achieve true flexibility and give your customers what they want with our Kornit’s single-step on-demand printing technology. Our direct-to-garment solutions are designed to help you find a perfect sustainable solution to meet the dynamic needs of today’s consumer-driven marketplace.

Become a part of the change. With our technology, you can produce more sustainably. Eliminate waste, overproduction, graphic and color limitations, and most of all, minimum quantities. 


Ensure consistent, reliable quality every time, using responsible, eco-friendly processes. Gain the ability to capitalize on new opportunities and achieve higher profit margins. Optimize your business and e-commerce for a fast, efficient, seamless experience that keeps your customers coming back.

Joana Alves
+351 253 884 27

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