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At BLUR, we started a new chapter within our company to deliver on-demand sustainable fashion solutions to emerging projects. 

We don’t have MOQ.

You can start a production from 2 items or even make 1 single prototype.

We can therefore, provide companies like yours with full production services.

From printing and embroidering, to pattern development and prototype manufacturing, to the full production of your collections. 

In just 5 simple steps you can have your dream production delivered anywhere in the world: 




We would need a tech pack of each garment you are thinking of producing.


We also offer our clients a variety of models of t-shirts, hoodies, joggers and other items to choose from our  stock. All of the items are customisable, allowing you to apply any of our printing or embroidery services to obtain your dream design in a budget.

If you need any help or have any queries regarding the tech pack  development, we would be more than happy to help you with anything you need in order to get your project started. 



We would need to create the patterns following the measurements indicated on the tech pack. Each pattern would have a cost from 30€ to up to 100€ per model for the sample size.

However, if you choose an item from our design stock, that cost would be 0€. 


The scaling of up to 8 sizes has, has an additional cost of 30€, 50€ or 70€ depending of the complexity of the project. 


We can also, digitalise the patterns with the print so the placement is always the same no matte the size. Please contact us for more information regarding this service.  




We offer a variety of hight quality options of fabrics we already have in stock. We can also provide a wider option of other fabrics that would have to be knighted for you after your order. 


If you are interested in a fabric we don’t have in stock, having it made or dyed, usually has a minimum order of 20 kilos per color and a waiting period of a month. 


In some cases, clients may want to work with fabrics they already have. In those cases, we would need samples of them to do test printing and finishing’s before giving a production budget.

We can also retain in storage any additional fabric from your order for future productions free of charge.



Once the fabrics have been selected, we would arrange to have some color and printing samples for you to approve before making the prototype.


At this stage we would also confirm the consumption of each model with you in case you decide to change fabrics for budgetary reasons. 


We must note that although small samples are created free of charge, the invoice of the delivery must be pre-payed prior to sending the swatches.    




We would develop the prototype of each garment following the technical specifications and measurements of your tech packs, as well as the color and  printing pre-approved swatches. 


Each prototype would have a cost from 40€ to up to 150€ per model, with a cost of -20% per modification prototype after that.

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