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At BLUR we offer a sustainable, single-step process that meets the highest quality standards of the world’s top fashion and home decor brands.

Achieve superior quality and vivid colors. 

Unroll brilliant designs, in any quantity, with Kornit’s industry-leading roll-to-roll direct-to-fabric production systems. Our on-demand printing platforms allow unlimited graphic and color capabilities, and compatibility with multiple fabrics.

From the 1st product, to the 10,000th, brands require consistent and identical print output.

Kornit has the ultimate single-step direct-to-fabric solution to unleash any design, with superior quality.

Break creative boundaries while delivering superior quality and durability. We provide the highest quality standards of the world’s top brands with the most robust pigment ink set available. Our machines offer’s the best wash and rub durability for roll-to-roll direct-to-fabric printing.


Conditions that must be considered in roll printing

Roll edges:
Fleece - without the edges of the roll (cut both sides);
Jersey - with the edges of the roll straight.

- Rolls aligned
- Maximum fabric width: 1,80m
- The fabric should have as little peeling as possible. Fabrics without anti-peeling influences the final quality of the print and can cause small ink stains and small reserves in the print - we are not responsible for these defects.
- Quantity bigger than 3 meters must be delivered in roll.
- The pieces must be washed with silicone after being manufactured.

Problems that can happen with roll printing:

- Solid colors or faded all-over images tend to blur.
- Small drops of ink (stains) may appear, usually in fabric without anti-peeling.
- Small reserves may remain in the print if the fabric has contaminations.
- Slightly yellowed fabric.

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